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Travel Insurance for Canadians


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To be eligible for Travel medical insurance for Canadians, you must be a Canadian resident covered by a provincial health care plan for the entire trip duration.




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Province of Residence

Primary Destination


Please choose your coverage:

  Individual Coverage     Family Coverage (3 or more applicants)     Couple (2 applicants)

Please choose your insurance plan

Single Trip Plan

(Single trip means the period of time between your departure date from your province of residence and the date when you return to your home province, no matter how many countries you visit to during the trip)

 Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan        (Emergency Medical insurance for one trip)

 Top-up Emergency Medical for your existing travel medical plan 

(You have already Medical plan (single trip or multi-trip) but you need coverage for more days)

Trip Cancellation/Interruption (single trip):      Trip Cost (per person)  $ 

                                                 Date of booking your trip      (ddmmmyyyy)

(This plan may be purchased with Emergency medical plan or stand-alone)

Baggage Loss (single trip):          Cost of the baggage (per person) $

(This plan may be purchased as optional coverage with Emergency medical plan, Trip Cancellation/Interruption)

All-Inclusive   plan (single trip):    Trip Cost (per person)  $ 

                                                 Date of booking your trip      (ddmmmyyyy)

(This plan includes Single-trip Emergency medical, Trip Cancellation/Interruption, Baggage Loss)


Annual Multi-trip Plan

(You’ll be covered for 12 months and can take an unlimited number of trips from your home province and back, and each trip cannot exceed the trip duration you have chosen at the time of purchase. Click here for more information)

Emergency Medical Annual Multi-Trip  Plan    

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Annual Multi-trip Plan  Trip Cost (per person)  $

All-Inclusive  Annual Multi-Trip  Plan      Trip Cost (per person)  $

  Total Number of days  per trip *   

For Single-trip plans and top-ups: total trip length including departure and return dates

    For Multi-trip plans: maximum number of days per trip.

  For top-up: Number of days covered by the existing policy      

Coverage for  Pre-existing Medical Conditions*      

* Pre-existing  Medical Condition means injury, illness or disease; symptom(s) that exists before the effective date of insurance.



 Phone                (if you want an insurance broker call you)


Additional Information

(If you have pre-existing conditions, you can provide the details here, as well as other information which would help to select the best solution for you.)

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May 29, 2017