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Emergency Medical Insurance for Seniors

Short - Term Trips (No medical questionnaire required)

If your trip is not long, you may be eligible for travel emergency medical insurance without medical questions on the application.

RSA Vacation plan, Travelance Travel insurance, Destination Leisure plan do not require medical questionnaire. However, you must meet the eligibility requirements for this policy. This insurance pays for emergency medical expenses relating to your pre-existing medical condition, which has been stable in 90 or 180 day prior to the effective date of the policy (depending on your age and plan selected).

All  plans provide worldwide coverage: Cuba, USA, Caribbean, Hawaii, cruises, Dominican Republic, etc.


RSA Vacation Plan    Travelance Travel Plan   Destination Travel Leisure Plan  

Destination Travel Leisure Plan

(Underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company)

 for ages 55-74 on the effective date, for trips up to 25 days*

* For longer trips you can apply for travel medical  insurance with Medical Questionnaire on the application.

Plan Details


Pre-existing conditions coverage





If you are 55-74 years of age on the effective  date of the insurance and your trip is not longer than 25 days, you can purchase  Destination Travel Leisure Plan. This insurance provides emergency medical coverage to a maximum of $5 million CAD per insured, per trip.

No medical questionnaire is required, however, you must meet the eligibility requirements.  

This policy may NOT be purchased as a Top-up for applicants 55 years old and over.



You must meet the following conditions to be eligible for insurance:

- Be a Canadian resident  under age 75; and

- Be covered by the government health insurance plan (GHIP) of your Canadian province/territory of residence for the entire duration of your trip.

You are NOT ELIGIBLE for coverage if you have been diagnosed with or treated for any of the following:

●  Traveling against the advice of a physician; or

●  Terminal illness; or

●  AIDS or HIV, or

●  Aneurysm that has not been surgically repaired; or

●  Metastatic cancer or cancer of the liver, pancreas or bone; or

●  Organ transplant (heart, lung, liver, kidney); or

●  Kidney failure requiring dialysis; or

●  Heart condition, or

●  Lung condition (excluding asthma), or

●  Diabetes (excluding diet controlled), or

 Stroke, mini-stroke or TIA; or

●  Cirrhosis of the liver; or

 Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.


Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

This policy does not provide benefits for losses or expenses incurred as a result of, in connection with or in any way associated with:

Any pre-existing medical condition (other than a minor condition) that was not stable at any time during the 90 days prior to the policy effective date.

Stable or stability: A pre-existing medical condition is considered stable if in the 90 days before the policy effective date, there has been:

a) no new treatment or new medication; and

b) no change in treatment or change in medication; and

c) no new symptom or finding, more frequent symptom or finding, or more severe symptom or finding experienced; and

d) no new test results or test results showing a deterioration; and

e) no investigations or future investigations initiated, or recommended for your symptoms; and

f) no hospitalization or referral to a specialist (made or recommended).

Pre-existing medical conditions which do not meet the stability requirements above are not covered.


Please refer to the Policy wording for details of the coverage provided, exclusions, limitations, conditions  and claim procedure.

If you are eligible for this policy, you can apply ONLINE:



What to do when you got sick or injured

Have your policy confirmation with you at all times. In the event of an emergency please call SelectCare Worldwide immediately, call prior to any surgery being performed or within 24 hours of admission to a hospital. The phone numbers are shown in your policy confirmation.

You must notify SelectCare Worldwide at 416-340-1553 (collect) or 1-866-261-1723 within 24 hours of any emergency medical treatment. If you fail to do so without reasonable cause, then the insurer will reduce the benefits payable to you under this policy by 20%. If you or someone on your behalf does not call SelectCare Worldwide prior to the arrangement of an Emergency Assistance Service (as stated in Part 2 - Benefits, Policy wording, pg.2), no benefit is payable.

The Emergency Medical Assistance provides services 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


Daily Rates (short trips)


  Daily Rates (no deductible)

Age of the applicant

55-60 61-65 66-69 70-74

1-25 days

$2.50 $4.50 $5.35 $10.00


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If you have questions about this coverage or want to purchase a policy, please, call at 1-877-443-0101, 416-493-0101,  

or, click here to ask your question online

 November 16, 2018