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Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  Flat amount:     OR    Formula amount:    X Annual Salary
  Dependent Life  (Spouse: $10,000   Child : $5,000)     Yes    No
Short Term Disability  
  Elimination period:  for accident      for sickness (optional)
  Benefit period:          Benefit Amount:   

    * Employee pays premium for non-taxable benefit

Long Term Disability  
  Elimination period:    

Benefit period:        

      Benefit Amount:  

     * Employee pays premium for non-taxable benefit

Extended Health Care  

Co-insurance (insurance company pays):      

Paramedical services:   Annual maximum per paramedical discipline    

  Hospital Accommodation (private or semi-private)     Yes    No
Prescription Drug  

Co-insurance (insurance company pays):    

  Deductible per prescription              Annual limit :  
Vision Care  

Maximum every 24 months

Dental Benefits  

Co-insurance (insurance company pays):    

  Deductible per year (single/family) 

Recall Visit  -                 once every

  Annual maximum
  [Annual maximum applies to basic services only or where available, basic, major services and orthodontic services combined]


  Include major services at  50%  co-insurance      Yes    No
  ORTHODONTIC SERVICES   [Major services must also be selected]

Include orthodontic services at 50% co-insurance     Yes    No

(for children 18 years of age and under)  

Critical Illness


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Revised: March 21, 2018