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► Travel  Insurance for Canadians

Travel insurance  for  Canadians traveling abroad or from province to province for business, study, vacation, USA weekends Get your best quote & buy online.


► Attention Snowbirds and Seniors!

Travel insurance  for  Canadian snowbirds and seniors: get information, check your eligibility, complete medical questionnaires and choose the best solution for you.



► Visitors to Canada  Insurance

Visitors to Canada travel medical  insurance for new immigrants, returning Canadians,  persons who are in Canada on a work or student visa, tourists and travelers to Canada. Get your best quote & buy online.


► Parents & Grandparents Super Visa

Get information, rates, instant quotes to compare visitors to Canada health insurance plans for parents & grandparents Super Visa from major Canadian insurance providers.



► Student Insurance - Study Abroad

Medical insurance for students studying outside Canada or province of residence: get information, instant quote & buy online.


► International Student Insurance

Student Medical insurance for International student studying in Canada: get information, instant quote & buy online.


► Health & Dental Benefits Plans

Canadian Health and Dental care insurance for self-employed, contractors, small business owners, retired or retiring individuals, anyone not covered  under group benefits plan. Get a free quote and  buy online 


► Group Benefits for Small Businesses

Employee group benefits for small  businesses may include: disability and life insurance, extended health, drug and dental benefits,  critical illness insurance and other benefits. Get a free quote for your business! 

► Life  Insurance

Life insurance in Canada: Get your quote and choose life insurance from Canadian top insurance companies 

Term life insurance

Universal life insurance

Whole life insurance

Participating whole life


► Critical  Illness  Insurance

Critical illness insurance - insurance for life: Provides lump sum of money to help you and your family at a critical time in your life: up to 25 illnesses! Get your  best quote.


► Disability  Insurance

Disability income replacement insurance guarantees an adequate income in the event of an accident or illness. Get your best quote.


Registered Education Savings Plan

RESP: An affordable savings vehicle that can help you to save money for your children’s post secondary education.

Take advantage of :

Canada Education Savings Grant

Canada Learning Bond

Get RESP Illustration for your child

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

RRSP: Your retirement program.

Money invested in RRSP is tax deductible and can help you to purchase your first home or pay for your education.

Home Buyer‘s Plan

Lifelong Learning Plan

Spousal RRSP

Segregated Funds

Investment funds with the security of maturity and death guarantees as well as other benefits.

Segregated Fund Guarantees

Learn how ASSURIS protects your investments in Life Insurance companies




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 Revised: June 17, 2017